General Waiver for Specific Types of Discharges, Resolution No. R3-2014-0041


In 2014, the Central Coast Water Board adopted Resolution No. R3-2014-0041, General Waiver for Specific Types of Discharges. In Resolution No. R3-2014-0041, the Central Coast Water Board conditionally waived waste discharge requirements for the specific types of discharges listed below. Discharges that meet and continue to meet the conditions found in R3-2014-0041 may be enrolled in this waiver.

  • Directional drilling muds
  • Highway grinding slurry
  • Highway grooving residues
  • Sediment removal
  • Treated groundwater
  • Monitoring well development and aquifer pumping test water
  • Fire sprinkler water
  • Inert waste
  • Residential swimming pool water
  • Water supply discharges
  • Water supply well drilling mud
  • Residential water supply filter backwash
  • Materials used for in-situ remediation purposes
  • Cleanup workplan conditions
  • Discharge conditions

Water Code Section 13269 allows Regional Water Boards to waive the requirement to submit a report of waste discharge and the requirement to obtain waste discharge requirements when such a waiver is consistent with all applicable state and regional water quality control plans and is in the public interest. General waivers allow flexibility to the Central Coast Water Board to direct regulatory resources toward higher order water quality impacts. Waivers may be granted for discharges to land, are conditional, have a duration of five years, and may be terminated at any time.

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