Public Notices

In keeping with California's commitment to provide meaningful public involvement in governmental decisions, the Central Valley Water Board receives public comments on many types of draft documents: Basin Plan amendments, draft permits and enforcement orders, site cleanup plans, California Environmental Quality Act documents, and more. This page contains links to public notices for projects currently in a public comment period. In addition, you will find links to pages containing support materials (staff reports, text of proposed orders, etc.) below the public notices. You may also visit the Board Meeting calendar for information about upcoming public hearings, workshops, information items and other items being considered by the Central Valley Water Board and associated comment periods.

Basin Planning - Basin Plan Amendments

Amendment to the Water Quality Control Plan for the Tulare Lake Basin, Removing Municipal and Domestic Supply (MUN) and Agricultural Supply (AGR) as Beneficial Uses of Groundwater within the Lower Member of the Tulare Formation and the Etchegoin Formation with a Portion of the Southern Lost Hills Oilfield
The deadline to submit written comments on the Proposed Basin Plan Amendements is 5:00 pm on 9 May 2022.

Compliance and Enforcement

  • View Enforcement Orders on the State Water Boards' website
    This link directs you to a searchable list of enforcement orders adopted by the nine Regional Water Quality Control Boards. This list is maintained by the State Water Resources Control Board. Note: Due to program-specific issues, not all enforcement orders are available on the State Board system.
  • Beginning in June 2004, Central Valley Region enforcement orders are also posted within the Discharger-Specific Orders section on our Adopted Orders page
  • Pending settlements and tentative Enforcement Orders can be found on our Tentative Orders page, alphabetically by county and discharger name.

Forest Activties

Notice of Preparation and California Environmental Quality Act Scoping Meeting - 13 April 2021 - 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

On April 13, 2021, the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (Central Valley Water Board) conducted a California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) scoping meeting to solicit input regarding the scope and content of information to be included in the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that will be prepared to assess the potential environmental effects of the proposed project, Waste Discharge Requirements for Nonpoint Source Discharges Related to Certain Activities Conducted by the Bureau of Land Management and United States Forest Service on Federal Lands (Federal NPS Permit). The Central Valley Water Board is the Lead Agency for the project. For more information and to view the documents from this meeting please see the Notice of Preparation section and CEQA Scoping Meeting section on the Forest Activities web page.

Town of Paradise & City of Chico Sewer Regionalization Project Advisory Committee

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