Basin Planning

Site Specific Objectives for Temperature at Deer Creek in El Dorado and Sacramento Counties

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These amendments have been adopted by the Regional Water Board and approved by the State Water Board, the Office of Administrative Law, and the US Environmental Protection Agency. The amendments are now in effect and have been incorporated into the current Basin Plan (Fourth Edition, August 2006).

  • Basin Plan amendment to modify Resolution No. R5-2003-0006 to change the applicability of the site-specific temperature objective from "discharges" to "controllable factors". Adopted by the Regional Water Board on 16 September 2005 in Resolution No. R5-2005-0119.
    • Resolution No. R5-2005-0119
    • Notice of Public Hearing

  • Staff Report and Environmental Documentation for site specific temperature objectives for Deer Creek, tributary to the Cosumnes River. Adopted by the Regional Board on 31 January 2003 in Resolution No. R5-2003-0006.
    • Resolution No. R5-2003-0006
    • Staff Report

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