Basin Planning

Beneficial Uses for Old Alamo Creek, Solano County

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Amendment to the Basin Plan to dedesignate four beneficial uses for Old Alamo Creek in Solano County.

The four beneficial uses are cold freshwater habitat (COLD), fish migration (MIGR), fish spawning (SPWN), and municipal and domestic supply (MUN).

Status: Adopted by the Regional Water Board on 28 April 2005 in Resolution No. R5-2005-0053. These amendments have been approved by the State Water Board, the Office of Administrative Law, and the US Environmental Protection Agency. The amendments are now in effect and have been incorporated into the current Basin Plan (Fourth Edition, August 2006).

  • Resolution No. R5-2005-0053
  • Final Staff Report
  • Notice of Public Hearing
  • Use Attainability Analysis for Old Alamo Creek
    Use attainability analysis for Old Alamo Creek prepared by Tetra Tech, Inc. under contract to the US Environmental Protection Agency. Aquatic life uses and the municipal and domestic supply uses were included in this analysis.
    • Use Attainability Analysis
    • Use Attainability Analysis Appendices
  • Notice of CEQA Scoping Meeting
    A scoping meeting was held on 9 June 2004 from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm at the City of Vacaville's Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant to discuss environmental issues that must be considered for the proposed amendment.