Basin Planning - Triennial Reviews In Progress

To meet requirements of the Federal Clean Water Act and section 303(c) and Water Code section 13240, the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (Regional Water Board) reviews the water quality standards contained in the Water Quality Control Plan for the Sacramento River and San Joaquin River Basins and in the Water Quality Control Plan for the Tulare Lake Basin (Basin Plans) every three years. The Triennial Review consists of solicitation for comments on water quality issues in the Central Valley that may need to be addressed through basin plan amendments and preparing a work plan for each Basin Plan which describes the actions the Regional Water Board may take over the next three years to investigate and respond to the issues. The solicitation includes holding public workshops to receive verbal comments. After public input is received, the Regional Water Board develops and adopts by resolution a priority list of potential issues that may result in basin plan amendments. The priority list is used to direct basin planning efforts over the next three years. Implementation of the work plan depends upon the Regional Water Board's program priorities, resources, and other mandates and commitments. Crucial to successful implementation of the actions is adequate support of the Regional Water Board's Basin Plan activities.

The 2018 Triennial Review was recently completed, with the outcome being Resolution R5-2018-0079 and a Board-adopted Joint Triennial Review Work Plan.

The 2021 Triennial Review will commence in mid-2020 when the Board will solicit the public to propose water quality issues that may need to be addressed with Basin Plan amendments. The solicitation will include an information document that provides a status update for the 2018 Joint Triennial Review Work Plan, as well as issues that have arisen since 2018.

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