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Photo of Stockton DWSC with water hyacinths floating in the channel

Elevated nutrient concentrations in the Sacramento - San Joaquin Delta contribute to water quality problems such as increased production of blue green algae and invasive aquatic macrophytes, low phytoplankton production, low dissolved oxygen, and nutrient-related problems in drinking water systems.

The Delta Stewardship Council's 2013 Delta Plan recommended that the San Francisco and Central Valley Water Boards prepare study plans for the development of nutrient objectives in the Delta and Suisun Bay. The Central Valley Water Board named development of a nutrient study plan as a priority project in its 2014 Delta Strategic Work Plan. The purpose of the Delta Nutrient Research Plan is to identify research and modeling needed to determine whether water quality objectives for nutrients are needed in the Delta.

Work Products and Workshop Materials

All final and accepted White Papers, Knowledge Gap Documents, Charge documents, workshop materials and recordings can be found under the Science Work Groups webpage

Public Involvement - Stakeholder and Technical Advisory Group (STAG)

  • A Stakeholder and Technical Advisory Group (STAG) is providing input and recommendations to the Central Valley Water Board on nutrient-related technical, policy and implementation issues. Since May 2018, the STAG has met jointly with the Delta Regional Monitoring Program Nutrients Subcommittee.
    • STAG Web Page (contains meeting schedule, agendas, presentations and technical reports)

Science Work Groups

Science Work Groups provided advice on modeling, effects of nutrients on macrophyte abundance and distribution, effect of nutrients on the abundance and distribution of blue green algae, and effects of nutrients on algal species composition.

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