Individual Dischargers NOT participating in a third-party group

The Notice of Intent provided below is for dischargers who wish to obtain regulatory coverage under the Waste Discharge Requirements General Order for Discharges from Irrigated Lands within the Central Valley Region for Dischargers not Participating in a Third-party Group (Order R5-2013-0100 or Individual General Order).

The annual fee for the Individual General Order is based on acreage as established in the applicable Fee Regulations. Joining a coalition group will likely be less expensive than enrolling under the Individual General Order. Annual cost breakdown examples are provided below.

Cost examples of 2014 regulatory coverage under the Individual General Order:

Farm Size Annual Regulatory Fee Annual Estimated Monitoring and Reporting Costs Total Estimated Annual Costs
50 acres $1,419 $2,771 $4,190
250 acres $3,883 $13,858 $17,741

Cost examples of 2014 regulatory coverage under the East San Joaquin Water Quality Coalition:

Farm Size Annual Fee for first year of coalition membership Annual Fee for following year Total Annual Costs (includes monitoring and reporting)
50 acres $450 $250 $250 - $450
250 acres $2,300 $1,050 $1,050 - $2,300