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September 9, 2005 Staff Report and Attachments

September 9, 2005 Staff Report


  1. Independent Scientists' Recommendations to the Regional Board Regarding “Mitigation” for Cooling Water Impacts (Raimondi, Foster, Cailliet), July 2005
  2. PG&E's comments on the Mitigation Paper, May 2005
  3. CA Department of Fish and Game comments on the Mitigation Paper, April 2005
  4. PG&E's Benefits Valuation Study for Diablo Canyon Power Plant, February 2005
  5. Research on Estimating the Environmental Benefits of Restoration to Mitigate or Avoid Environmental Impacts Caused by California Power Plant Cooling Water intake Structures, Stratus Consulting, October 2004
  6. The Science of Marine Reserves, PISCO, 2002

Supplemental Sheet for September 9, 2005 Staff Report

Supplemental Sheet Attachments

  1. California Marine Life Protection Act Initiative , MLPA Master Plan Framework, August 22, 2005.   Table of Contents and Executive Summary only. The full report is available on the Department of Fish and Game website.
  2. Scientific Consenus Paper on Marine Reserves and Marine Protected Areas, 2001.
  3. Letter from PG&E, August 31, 2005. Comments on Staff's September 9, 2005 Staff Report.
  4. Review of Independent Scientists' Report With Consideration of Stratus Report Prepared for PG&E by TER, August 31, 2005.

May 14, 2004 Status Report on Resolution of Cooling Water Impacts

July 10, 2003 Hearing - Permit Documents

July 10, 2003 Hearing - Staff Testimony

May 30, 2003 Diablo Canyon Consent Judgment

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1966 Agreement Between PG&E and the State of California