Grant Projects Being Implemented on the Central Coast


Unique Funding Administered and Managed Regionally

  • The Safe Drinking Water Grant Project awards funds to provide interim safe drinking water to affected individuals and small communities, conduct outreach to affected communities to ensure they are aware of risks of nitrate contamination, and implement projects to reduce nitrate loading to groundwater.  Funding was provided to the following organizations for implementation of the Safe Drinking Water Project:

    State and Local Smalls Interim Drinking Water Pilot - the Environmental Justice Coalition for Water (EJCW); (916) 432-3529; Colin Bailey

    Safe Drinking Water Project - the Coalition for Urban Rural Environmental Stewardship CURES), Parry Klassen; 559-288-8125;

  • PG&E Settlement funded projects:  Water Board staff manages PG&E Settlement funded projects that demonstrate the ability to reduce contributions of sediment, nutrients, pesticides and/or other pollutants, on Elkhorn Slough or Moss Landing Harbor and watersheds tributary to the Slough and Harbor, including the Salinas River, Moro Cojo Slough and Tembladero Slough.  List of selected projects that demonstrate the effectiveness of management measures implemented on Irrigated Agricultural Lands.