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  • The Central Valley Water Board is engaged in an effort to develop a permit for nonpoint source discharges from activities on federal lands managed by the United States Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management across the region. We have developed the FederalNPSpermit website for interested parties.

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General Order Waste Discharge Requirements

General Order Waste Discharge Requirements (Order No. R5-2017-0061) for Timberland Management Activities on Non-Federal and Federal Lands. Adopted by the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board on 9 June 2017. Eligible projects may be enrolled starting 9 June 2017.

Please contact the staff assigned to the county or Forest of interest for the following additional forms:

  • Non-Federal Monitoring Forms (listed below) are now in one Water Quality Monitoring Annual Report Form
    • Implementation Form
    • Forensic Form
    • Effectiveness Form
    • Photopoint Monitoring Field Form

  • Federal Monitoring Forms

  • Waiver Includes
    • Attachment A (Categorical Waiver)
    • Attachment B (Monitoring and Reporting Conditions)
    • Attachment C (Monitoring and Reporting Program)

  • Forms for Projects Enrolled under the Waiver Prior to 9 June 2017
    • Addendum form

  • Waiver Enrollment Termination

  • Guidelines for Required Waiver Monitoring on Non-Federal and Federal Lands
    • Guidelines for Waiver Monitoring:
      • Part 1:   Introduction, table of contents, what to monitor, determining significant pollution (pages 1-12)
      • Part 2:   determining significant pollution, what type of monitoring, (pages 13-20)
      • Part 3:   what type of monitoring to do (pages 21-26)
      • Part 4:   what type of monitoring to do (pages 22-33)
      • Part 5:   what type of monitoring to do, reporting requirements for monitoring results, literature citations (pages 34-40)

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