Agriculturally Dominated Water Bodies Evaluation
MUN Beneficial Use Project

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Sacramento MUN POTW Basin Plan Amendment

Basin Plan Amendment to Remove the Municipal and Domestic Supply (MUN) Beneficial Use in Twelve Constructed and/or Modified Water Bodies in the Sacramento River Basin that receive Treated Municipal Wastewater from the Cities of Biggs, Colusa, Live Oak or Willows

The Central Valley Water Board adopted this Basin Plan Amendment on 16 April 2015 with Resolution (R5-2015-0022) , see below.

  • United States Environmental Protection Agency Action
    • U.S. EPA Approval Letter

  • California Natural Resources Agency Action
    • Notice of Decision

  • Office of Administrative law Action
    • OAL's Notice of Approval and Endorsed Form 400 (OAL File Number: 2015-1110-02S)

  • State Water Board Action
    • Final State Water Board Resolution (2015-0055)
    • Certificate of No Discussion
    • Notice of Opportunity to Comment
    • Agenda Item Document
    • California Association of Sanitation Agencies Comment Letter
    • Central Valley Clean Water Association Comment Letter
    • Response to Comments

  • Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board Hearings
    • Final Central Valley Water Board Resolution (R5-2015-0022) - Includes Final Basin Plan Amendment language
    • Final Staff Report
      • No Peer Review Justification (Appendix C)
      • Environmental Checklist (Appendix D)
    • Buff Sheet
    • Draft Resolution
    • Draft Staff Report
    • CEQA Filing Fee No Effect Determination
    • Comment Letters:
      • City of Sacramento, Department of Utilities
      • California Rice Commission
      • California Urban Water Agencies
      • Central Valley Clean Water Association
      • Tulare Lake Basin Water Storage District
    • Response to Comments
    • Notice of Public Hearing and Notice of Filing of draft Environmental Documents
    • Supporting Documents: