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  • 2017 Port of Stockton's Dock 20 Aeration Facility Operations and Cost Summary
  • 2017 Port of Stockton's Dock 20 Aeration Agreement

    An amended aeration agreement was executed in June 2017 that provides funding until May 31, 2019 for the operation and maintenance of the Port of Stockton's Dock 20 Aeration Facility.

  • Staff Report and Resolution R5-2015-0008

    The Control Program required an evaluation of the allocations and implementation provisions once studies in the San Joaquin River watershed were completed. Staff reviewed the results of the studies and developed a Staff Report with recommendations for future actions to address the DO impairment.

    The Staff Report was presented to the Regional Board during their February 5-6, 2015 Board meeting. Staff recommended that the allocations not be revised and the existing Control Program be continued. The Board concurred with staff's recommendation and approved Resolution R5-2015-0008. In addition, the Board strongly supported the continued use of aeration in the channel and staff's efforts to increase the number of stakeholders participating in funding the long-term operation and maintenance of the aeration facility.

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Adoption & Approval Dates

Regional Board Adoption

  • 27 January 2005

State Water Board Approval

  • 16 November 2005

Office of Administrative Law Approval

  • 4 August 2006

U.S. EPA Approval

  • 27 February 2007