September 14, 2011 - San Diego Water Board Meeting

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011
9:00 a.m.

Water Quality Control Board
Regional Board Meeting Room
9174 Sky Park Court
San Diego, California

The purpose of this meeting is for the San Diego Water Board to obtain testimony and information from concerned and affected persons and to make decisions based on the information received. Persons who want to submit written comments or evidence on any agenda item must comply with the procedures described in the agenda and agenda notes. Persons wishing to speak at the meeting should complete an attendance card (see Note F, attached to this Notice). The San Diego Water Board requests that all lengthy comments be submitted in writing in advance of the meeting date. To ensure that the San Diego Water Board members and staff have the opportunity to fully study and consider written material, comments should be received in the San Diego Water Board's office no later than noon on Tuesday, August 30, 2011* and should indicate the agenda item to which it is applicable. If the submitted written material is more than 5 pages or contains foldouts, color graphics, maps, etc., 15 copies must be submitted for distribution to the Board members and staff. Written material submitted after 5:00 P.M. on Tuesday, September 6, 2011 will not be provided to the Board members and may not be considered by the San Diego Water Board (See Note D, attached to this Notice).


Comments on agenda items will be accepted by E-mail subject to the same conditions set forth for other written submissions as long as the total submittal (including attachments) does not exceed five printed pages in length. E-mail must be submitted to: to insure consideration by the San Diego Water Board. Type the word "Agenda" in the subject line.

Pursuant to Title 23, California Code of Regulations, section 648.4, the San Diego Water Board may refuse to admit written testimony or evidence into the record if it is not submitted to the San Diego Water Board in a timely manner and shall refuse to do so if admitting it would prejudice any party or the board, unless the proponent demonstrates that compliance with the deadline would create an unreasonable hardship.

NOTE D, attached to this Notice, refers to the procedures that will be followed by the San Diego Water Board in contested adjudicatory matters if a separate Hearing Procedures Document has not been issued for a particular agenda item. Parties requesting an alternate hearing process must do so in accord with the directions in NOTE D. Any such request, together with supporting material, must be received in the San Diego Water Board's office no later than noon on Tuesday, August 30, 2011.

Copies of the agenda items to be considered by the San Diego Water Board are posted on the San Diego Water Board's website at

Except for items designated as time certain, there are no set times for agenda items. Items may be taken out of order at the discretion of the Chairman.

1. Roll Call and Introductions

2. PUBLIC FORUM: Any person may address the Board regarding a matter within the Board's jurisdiction that is not related to an item on this Meeting agenda and is not scheduled for a future Meeting. Comments will generally be limited to three minutes, unless otherwise directed by the Chair. Any person wishing to make a longer presentation should contact the Executive Officer at least ten days prior to the meeting.

3. Minutes of Board Meeting: June 8, 2011.

4. Chairman's, Board Members', State Board liaison's and Executive Officer's Reports: These items are for Board discussion only. No public testimony will be allowed, and the Board will take no formal action.

Consent Calendar: Items 5 and 6 are considered non-controversial issues. (NOTE: If there is public interest, concern or discussion regarding any consent calendar item or a request for a public hearing, then the item(s) will be removed from the consent calendar and considered after all other agenda items have been completed.)

5. Settlement Agreement and Stipulation for Entry of Administrative Civil Liability Order, Roripaugh Valley Restoration, LLC, Roripaugh Ranch Residential Subdivision, Temecula, Riverside County. Settlement of outstanding administrative civil liability for Order No. R9-2007-0221 and chronic violations of Clean Water Act section 401 Water Quality Certification No. 01C-091 and the General NPDES Permit for Discharges of Storm Water Associated with Construction Activity (Order Nos. 99-08-DWQ and 2009-0009-DWQ). As proposed, Roripaugh Valley Restoration, LLC would submit full payment of the balance outstanding from ACL Order No. R9-2007-0221 ($388,150), implement corrective actions, and pay staff costs incurred since adoption of ACL Order No. R9-2007-0221. (Tentative Order No. R9-2011-0056) (Bruce Posthumus)

6. Settlement Agreement and Stipulation for Order and Administrative Civil Liability Order, Santa Margarita Water District, Plano Force Main Sanitary Sewer Overflow. Settlement to resolve, by consent, violations of Order Nos. 2006-0003-DWQ and R9-2007-0005, Section 301 of the Clean Water Act, and California Water Code (Water Code) section 13376, set forth in Complaint No. R9-2011-0023. The Settlement proposes liability of $890,000, of which $445,000 in liability would be paid to the State Water Resources Control Board's Cleanup and Abatement Account, $140,000 in liability would be suspended to fund a Supplemental Environmental Project, and $305,000 in liability would be suspended to fund an Enhanced Compliance Action. (Tentative Order No. R9-2011-0057) (Bruce Posthumus)

Remainder of the Agenda (Non-Consent Items):

7. Time Schedule Order: Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, Mission Valley Terminal Remediation Dewatering Discharge Project: The San Diego Water Board will consider adoption of a Time Schedule Order for Kinder Morgan Energy Partners to ensure that the discharge from the dewatering project does not cause, have a reasonable potential to cause, or contribute to an in-stream excursion above the water quality objective for Total Dissolved Solids as required by Discharge Prohibition No. IV.c of Order No. R9-2008-0002 (NPDES Permit No. CAG919002). (Tentative Order No. R9-2011-0052) (Ben Neill)

8. Investigative Order: Citizens Development Corporation, Lake San Marcos: The San Diego Water Board will consider adoption of an Investigative Order pursuant to Water Code section 13267 that would require Citizens Development Corporation to submit technical reports pertaining to investigation of the water quality impairments in Lake San Marcos from nutrient discharges to the Lake. (Tentative Order R9-2011-0033) (Laurie Walsh)

9. Closed Session - Discussion of Ongoing Litigation [Authorized under Government Code Section 11126, subd. (e)]
The San Diego Water Board may meet in closed session to discuss ongoing litigation for the following cases:

Civil Actions

a. People of the State of California Ex Rel. the Regional Water Quality Control Board, San Diego Region v. Edward Drusina, an individual in his capacity as Commissioner of the International Boundary and Water Commission, United States Section, et al., Complaint for Violations of the Clean Water Act and Related State Law Claims. United States District Court, Southern District of California, Case No. 01-CV-027BTM(JFS) (filed February 2001). (David Gibson)

b. In re: Test Claim on California Regional Water Quality Control Board, San Diego Region, Order No. R9-2007-001, (NPDES No. CAS0108758) Waste Discharge Requirements for Discharges of Urban Runoff from the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) Draining the Watersheds of the County of San Diego, the Incorporated Cities of San Diego County, the San Diego Unified Port District, and the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority adopted on January 24, 2007. Test Claim filed by San Diego County, et al., with Commission on State Mandates, No. 07-TC-09 (filed June 2008). (Catherine George Hagan)

c. Surfrider Foundation v. California Regional Water Quality Control Board, San Diego Region, Petition for Writ of Mandate [re: San Diego Water Board's adoption of Order No. R9-2009-0038 amending Order No. R9-2006-0065 for Poseidon Resources (Channelside), LLC, NPDES Permit No. CA0109223, approval of a Flow, Entrainment and Impingement Minimization Plan under the California Water Code]. San Diego County Superior Court, Case No. 37-2010-0009-436-CU-WM-CTL (filed April 2010). (Brian Kelley)

d. South Orange County Wastewater Authority and South Coast Water District, Petition for Writ of Mandate. Orange County Superior Court, Case No. 30-2010-00364016-CU-WM-CXC (filed April 2010) (Joann Cofrancesco)

e. California Regional Water Quality Control Board, San Diego Region v. Bill and Heidi Dickerson, Larry and Penelope Gunning and Perry & Papenhausen, Inc. Complaint for Damages for Breach of Contract and for Specific Performance. San Diego County Superior Court, Case No. 37-2010-00096011-CU-CO-CTL (filed July 2010) (Jeremy Haas)

f. State of California Department of Finance, State Water Resources Control Board, And California Regional Water Quality Control Board, San Diego Region v. Commission on State Mandates. Petition for Writ of Administrative Mandamus. Sacramento County Superior Court, Case No. 34-2010-80000604 (filed July 2010) (Catherine George Hagan)

Petitions for Review Pending Before State Water Resources Control Board

g. Petitions of the National Fireworks Association and Fireworks & Stage FX America Inc., Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation, and San Diego Coastkeeper (General National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit Order No. R9-2011-0022 (NPDES No. CAG999002) for Residual Firework Pollutant Waste Discharges to Waters of the United States in the San Diego Region from the Public Display of Fireworks), SWRCB/OCC Files A-2164(a)-(c), filed June and July 2011. (Michelle Mata)

10. Closed Session - Consideration of Initiation of Litigation or Discussion of Significant Exposure to Litigation
The San Diego Water Board may meet in closed session to initiate or consider initiating litigation concerning matters within its jurisdiction or to discuss significant exposure to litigation [Authorized under Government Code Section 11126(e)] (David Gibson)

11. Closed Session - Deliberation on a Decision to be Reached Based on Evidence Introduced in a Hearing
The San Diego Water Board may meet in closed session to consider evidence received in an adjudicatory hearing and to deliberate on a decision to be reached based upon that evidence [Authorized under Government Code Section 11126(c)(3)]

12. Closed Session - Personnel
The San Diego Water Board may meet in closed session to consider the appointment, employment, evaluation of performance, or dismissal of a public employee or to hear complaints or charges brought against that employee by another person or employee unless the employee requests a public hearing [Authorized under Government Code Section 11126(a)]

13. Arrangements for Next Meeting and Adjournment

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 - 9:00 a.m.
Rancho California Water District
District Board Room
42135 Winchester Road
Temecula, California


From Downtown: I-15 north - take the Aero Drive exit - turn left (west). Proceed to the 3rd stoplight, which is Ruffin Road - turn right. Turn left on Sky Park Court (stoplight). Our building is located at the end of the court - veer to the right into the parking lot.

From the North: I-15 south - take the Balboa Ave. exit - turn right (west). Proceed to the 2nd stoplight, which is Ruffin Road - turn left. Turn right on Sky Park Court (stoplight). Our building is located at the end of the court - veer to the right into the parking lot.