NPDES Wastewater Permits

How do I apply for an NPDES wastewater permit?

To obtain an NPDES wastewater permit, you must complete State Application Form 200 and Federal Application Forms 1 and 2 (Form 2 takes various forms depending on discharge type). You must also pay the correct fee.

  • Applications and application fees should be mailed to:
    Regional Water Quality Control Board, San Francisco Bay Region
    Attn: NPDES Wastewater
    1515 Clay Street, Suite 1400
    Oakland, CA 94612

Several general permits already exist to cover a number of discharge categories:

  • Aggregate mining, sand washing, and sand offloading
  • VOC and fuel cleanup
  • Treated brackish and treated structural dewatering groundwater
  • Filter backwash from drinking water filter facilities
  • Dry docks

These general permits specify the discharge types that qualify for coverage and explain how to obtain such coverage. To obtain coverage under one of the general permits, you must submit a notice of intent as described in that general permit. You need not apply for a new permit.

What permits have been issued and when will they be reissued?

In addition to the general permits listed above, numerous dischargers hold individual permits. There are also region-wide watershed permits for municipal and industrial wastewater discharges of mercury, PCBs, and nutrients to San Francisco Bay.

NPDES permits must be reissued every five years. The Regional Water Board reissues permits at public hearings after consideration of public comments. The current Permit reissuance schedule is updated regularly. To receive email notifications of upcoming comment opportunities, subscribe to our electronic mailing list.

A copy of each permit is available among the Regional Water Board's adopted orders. The reissuance schedule lists all permits with their order numbers.Where can I find standard permit attachments?

Where can I find standard permit attachments?

Most NPDES permits contain all requirements verbatim, including Federal Standard Provisions based on 40 CFR 122.41 and 122.42 and Regional Standard Provisions:

Some NPDES permits also contain stormwater provisions and related monitoring and reporting requirements based on the General Permit for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Industrial Activities (NPDES No. CAS000001):

How do I report unauthorized discharges (e.g. spills or bypasses)?

Municipal wastewater treatment plants must report unauthorized discharges in accordance with requirements in their NDPES permits. Sanitary sewer collection system agencies must report unauthorized discharges in accordance with the waste discharge requirements for sanitary sewer systems. The public may also report problems here.