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Chorro Creek Nutrients and Dissolved Oxygen TMDL


Problem Statement - Exceedances of biostimulatory substances and levels of dissolved oxygen impair Chorro Creek.
Map of the project area

Status and Public Notices

Status: Fully approved and effective. Chorro Creek was delisted for dissolved oxygen impairment in 2010. The nutrients listing remains in effect however sampling shows nutrient concentrations are improving.
Report Card, Nutrients (2012)
Report Card, Dissolved Oxygen (2012)
Public Notice: none at this time.

Approval status

Central Coast Water Board - approved July 7, 2006.
US Environmental Protection Agency - July 19 2007, which is the effective date.


  • July 19, 2007 - USEPA approves the Chorro Creek Nutrient and Dissolved Oxygen TMDL
  • July 7, 2006 - Central Coast Water Board approves the Chorro Creek Nutrient and Dissolved Oxygen TMDL
    • Staff Report
      • Attachment 1 - Resolution R3-2006-044, adopting the TMDL and implementation plan
      • Attachment 2 - Project Report (technical report that provides the basis for the TMDL)

For Additional Information

Please contact Jennifer Epp at 805-594-6181 or by email at Jennifer.Epp@waterboards.ca.gov