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TMDL Links

TMDL Guidance: A Process for Addressing Impaired Waters in California
This site provides the status and documents for the Guidance.

Policy for Developing California's Clean Water Act Section 303(d) List
This site provides the status and documents for the Policy.

California State Water Resources Control Board TMDL site
This site provides general information regarding TMDLs, listed bodies of water by Region, as well as a questions and answers link.

United States Environmental Protection Agency TMDL site
This is the EPA TMDL site.   The site contains general information regarding TMDLs, as well as listed bodies of water across the United States.

This is EPA Region 9 TMDL tracking and monitoring website.

The 303(d) List of Impaired Waterbodies
This identifies the name of all the waterbodies identified and the pollutant or condition by which they are impaired.

Clean Water Act Section 303(d)
This site provides the section of the federal Clean Water Act mandating TMDLs.

Political and Legislative Documents
This site provides information about the Federal basis mandating TMDL development.   The site also provides reports to the state legislature concerning TMDL development.

This site is allows the reader to browse through the Code of Federal Regulations chapter that details the States responsibility concerning TMDLs. This is an electronic version of 40CFR.