San Antonio Creek Chlorpyrifos TMDL


Delisted – San Antonio Creek was removed from the 2014-2016 303(d) List (impaired waters list). The delisting was based on the decision to not use pore water (interstitial water) as the basis for any decision to list a waterbody. The single pore water sample, collected on March 31, 2004 contributed to the original listing during the 2010 listing cycle. For more information, please see the 2014-2016 Integrated Report.



Status and Public Notices

  • Status: Removed from 303(d) List.
  • Public Notice: None at this time.

Approval status

  • US Environmental Protection Agency
    • Approves 2014-2016 CWA 303(d) List, which removes San Antonio Creek from the impaired waters list for chlorpyrifos.