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Soquel Lagoon Pathogen TMDL


Problem Statement - The beneficial use of water contact recreation is not protected in the impaired reaches of Soquel Lagoon, Soquel Creek, and Noble Gulch because fecal coliform concentrations exceed water quality objectives protecting this beneficial use. The impaired reaches are: 1) Soquel Lagoon and Soquel Creek: beginning from the mouth of Soquel Lagoon, upstream and along Soquel Creek to the bridge at Porter Street. 2) All reaches of Noble Gulch.
Map of the project area

Status and Public Notices

Status: fully approved and effective.
Public Notice: none at this time.

Approval status

Central Coast Water Board - approved May 8, 2009.
State Water Resources Control Board - approved July 6, 2010.
Office of Administrative Law (OAL) - approved September 15, 2010, which is the effective date.
US Environmental Protection Agency - approved November 17, 2010.


For Additional Information

Please contact Shanta Keeling at 805-549-3464 or by email at Shanta.Keeling@waterboards.ca.gov