Delta Nutrient Research Plan - Science Work Groups

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This web page is devoted to providing information on the science work groups. Science Work Groups provided information used by Regional Board staff to develop the Nutrient Research Plan.


White Papers and Knowledge Gap Documents

White Papers and Knowledge Gap Documents are being developed by our Science Work Groups. These papers will summarize the state of our knowledge on each water quality issue identified above, identify the knowledge gaps and provide recommendations for future research and studies needed to address the management questions.

  • Cyanobacteria White Paper - Final August 2015
  • Cyanobacteria Knowledge Gap Document
  • Final Macrophyte White Paper
  • Macrophyte Knowledge Gap Document
  • Final Modeling White Paper
  • Final Nutrients Phytoplankton White Paper
  • Final Drinking Water White Paper

Additional Documents

  • Projected Load Reductions in Delta Nutrients

Delta Nutrients and Phytoplankton Workshop 2016


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Comments on the Panel's Report:

  • Regional San Comments
  • USGS Comments
  • SFCWA Comments
  • Wilkerson, Dugdale, Glibert and Parker Comments