Nonpoint Source (NPS) Program

NPS 319(h) Grant Program

NPS 319(h) Grant Program

The USEPA provides a limited amount of funding from the Clean Water Act Section 319(h) Grant Program to states to implement nonpoint source control activities, with focus on impaired water bodies. Section 319(h) Grant Program funding is used in the Central Valley to support Water Board staff time to conduct NPS control activities that are consistent with federal nonpoint source priorities. These include implementation of TMDLs and management of grant projects supported by Section 319(h) funding. The grant projects are conducted by a variety of federal and state agencies, resource conservation districts, and other groups to implement full scale, on-the-ground management measures to address water quality problems resulting from NPS pollution.

Please visit the State Water Boards website for more information about the NPS 319(h) Grant Program, including the current year grant solicitation and guidelines:

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