Lower San Joaquin River Selenium TMDL

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A Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for selenium in the Lower San Joaquin River was completed by the Central Valley Water Board through adoption of a Basin Plan Amendments Resolution No. 96-147 in 1996. The State Water Resources Control Board adopted the amendments under State Water Board's Resolution No. 96-078. The TMDL was approved by U.S. EPA on 28 March 2002.

Lower San Joaquin River Selenium TMDL

Waste Discharge Requirements


  • U.S. EPA Approval Letter (28 March 2002)
  • U.S. EPA Transmittal Letter (28 February 2002)

TMDL Report

  • Final TMDL Staff Report (31 August 2001)
    This document is the technical TMDL for Selenium on the Lower San Joaquin River submitted to the U.S. EPA.

Public Outreach

  • Workshop Presentation Slides (16 May 2001)

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