TMDL Projects
San Joaquin River at Vernalis

September 2004 Salt and Boron TMDL and Basin Plan Amendment - Phase 1

This web page contains information on Phase 1 of the TMDLs for salt and boron discharges into the San Joaquin River from irrigated lands in the Lower San Joaquin River Basin (LSJR Salt and Boron Control Program Project Area Map). In September 2004 the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Central Valley Region (Central Valley Water Board) adopted Phase 1 by amending the Water Quality Control Plan for the Sacramento River Basin and San Joaquin River Basin (Basin Plan). The amendment added the Control program for Salt and Boron Discharges into the Lower San Joaquin River (LSJR) (Control Program) to the Basin Plan. The purpose of the Control Program is to manage salt and boron concentrations to achieve electrical conductivity water quality objectives in the LSJR at Vernalis to protect beneficial uses in the southern Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

Adoption and Approvals

Notice of Decision

Final Basin Plan Amendment

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