Water Quality Compliance Program for Discharges from Agricultural Lands – Reference Materials

This webpage houses references related to the development of the Water Quality Compliance Program for Discharges from Agricultural Lands (Program).  Reference materials posted here have been submitted by members of the Stakeholder Advisory Group or Regional Water Board staff.  The main Program page is located here.

These references are informational and for the benefit of both Stakeholder Advisory Group members and people interested in issues related to agriculture and water quality.  To be posted, references must be submitted to the Regional Water Boards staff by Advisory Group members.  If you would like a reference posted here, please contact an Advisory Group member and request that he or she submit the reference to Regional Water Board staff.  This page will continually be updated as references are submitted and as staff time allows.

Riparian Areas

Best Management Practices

Links to Other State and Regional Water Board Agricultural Programs

Five out of the nine Regional Water Boards have adopted regulatory program to address waste discharges associated with agricultural lands. North Coast Regional Water Board staff will consider the approach other Regional Water Boards have taken around the state as well as the specific issues facing agricultural communities in the North Coast Region. Links to the other regions’ program websites as well as the State Water Resource Control Board website are provided below:


Contact Information

Interested parties are encouraged to sign up on the email list below to receive information about stakeholder involvement opportunities and updates on progress to develop the program:

Email List: Agricultural Lands Discharge Program Email List Subscription Page

Contact:  If you have questions about the development of the Program, please contact Ben Zabinsky of Regional Water Board staff, at (707) 576-6750, or by email at ben.zabinsky@waterboards.ca.gov