Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Methylmercury TMDL - Delta Mercury Exposure Reduction

Delta Mercury Exposure Reduction

This webpage contains information about the Delta Mercury Exposure Reduction Program (MERP). The primary goals of the Delta MERP are to increase understanding of contaminants in fish and reduce exposure to mercury among people who eat fish from the Delta. The Basin Plan requires all entities that are responsible for meeting TMDL methylmercury allocations in the Delta to also participate in the Delta MERP. All interested stakeholders, including Delta community-based organizations, Tribes, and fish consumers, are welcome to attend MERP meetings. Program information is also available on the Delta Conservancy's Delta MERP website:

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Delta Advisory Signs - Informing the Public How to Eat Delta Fish Safely

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The Delta MERP Posting Project seeks to remedy the lack of accessible information about methylmercury (the methylated form of mercury) in fish frequently caught in the Delta waterways. The Delta MERP is coordinating with communities and stakeholders to post fish consumption advisories at 145 sites throughout the Delta. MERP advisories were developed using advisories issued by the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) with guidance on the specific types and amount of Delta fish that can be safely consumed by vulnerable groups in the population.

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