Santa Ana Region Basin Plan

Santa Ana River Basin Plan

The 1995 Water Quality Control Plan for the Santa Ana River Basin (Region 8) was updated in February 2008, June 2011, and February 2016.
Important! Please review Notes about the February 2008, June 2011, February 2016 and June 2019 Basin Plan updates.

Basin Plan Cover

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Additional Basin Plan Information, including Resources not in the Basin Plan

Basin Plan Maps - Maps showing all water bodies listed in the Water Quality Control plan for the Santa Ana River Basin - Regional 8, also known as the Basin Plan (draft work product, to be used for informational purposes only).

Map of Hydrologic Areas of the Santa Ana River Basin (resource not in Basin Plan)

Index to Map of Hydrologic Areas of the Santa Ana River Basin (resource not in Basin Plan)

Salt Management Plan

Stormwater Quality Task Force

Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs)

Amendments to the Basin Plan

Resolutions for Basin Plan Amendments are listed below


Information on Specific Basin Plan Amendments, including TMDLs

  • 2017 Selenium TMDLs for Freshwater in Newport Bay Watershed
  • 2017 Update on Waterbodies and Beneficial Uses Extension of SHEL TMDL attainment
  • 2012 Recreation Standards for Inland Fresh Waters
  • 2010 TDS/Nitrate-Nitrogen Objectives for San Jacinto Upper Pressure Zone

  • For additional information regarding the Basin Plan please contact Claudia Tenorio at (951) 782-4963