Basin Plan Portal

The Basin Plan Portal is home to the California Basin Plan Mapping Project (BPMP), a GIS dataset that contains information about beneficial use designations and waterbody segments identified in regional water quality control plans (Basin Plans).

Beneficial uses are the resources, services, and qualities of California’s aquatic systems. The Water Board’s mission is to preserve, enhance, and restore water quality for the protection of all uses. Swimming, fishing, spawning habitat, protected species habitat, agricultural use, tribal and cultural use, and municipal and domestic supply are all examples of beneficial uses. Each use represents a different type of benefit provided by California’s watersheds, and each Regional Water Board has defined and designated beneficial uses unique to their waters.

 The BPMP is subject to revision and is for informational purposes only. The BPMP is general in nature, and is not intended and should not be relied upon or construed as a regulatory document regarding any specific issue or factual circumstance. The BPMP should not be used for regulatory purposes or in any other manner as a substitute for the applicable Basin Plan.


BPMP Story Map

The BPMP Story Map is an interactive guide for those wanting to learn more about the project. It provides more information about what beneficial uses are, why they are important, how to use the interactive map, and how to download the data.


  • Basin Plan GIS Library – The Basin Plan GIS Library on the Water Boards ArcGIS Server hosts the following resources:
    • Statewide beneficial use layer (map image service)
    • Regional beneficial use layers (feature layers/services)
    • Regional geodatabase file downloads
  • California State GeoportalComing soon!


  • Missing or incomplete waterbodies – Updated 9/15/2020. This is a list of waterbodies that are considered missing or incomplete and therefore may not be included in the current release of the BPMP.


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