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hearingsWelcome to the Division of Water Rights Hearings Program home webpage.

This website provides posted information related to current and archived hearings conducted by the State Water Board, and provides generally information, via FAQs, describing the nature, conduct and immediate results of a water right hearing. [NOTE: The general information provided is not intended to either alter or supersede State Water Board regulations or policies regarding the conduct of such hearings.]

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This section contains links to important information related to water rights hearings conducted by the State Water Board. Please check this section periodically for the latest information.

  • G. Scott Fahey and Sugar Pine Spring Water, LP draft order posted for public comment (see cover letter for instructions) (2/8/19)

Hearings scheduled to receive evidence relevant to determining whether to impose Administrative Civil Liability: Failure to File Annual Water Use Report for 2016 – 2017:

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