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CWA 401 - Certification and Wetlands Program

Clean Water Act Section 401 – Certification and Wetlands Program

Public Notices

Applications for Water Quality Certification – Proposed Multi-Regional Projects and other public notices

Pursuant to federal law (Title 33, United States Code, Section 1341; Clean Water Act Section 401), applicants for a federal license or permit for activities which may discharge to waters of the United States must seek Water Quality Certification from the state with jurisdiction. Such Certification is based on a finding that the discharge will meet water quality standards and other applicable requirements. In California, Regional Water Quality Control Boards (Regional Boards) issue or deny Certification for discharges within their geographical jurisdiction. The State Water Resources Control Board has this responsibility for projects affecting waters within multiple Regional Board jurisdictions.

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This information is provided in satisfaction of the public notice requirements of Section 3858, Title 23, of the California Code of Regulations, which govern the State's Certification Program.


Applicant Project Posting Date
Metro Goldline Foothill Extension Construction Authority Metro Goldline Foothill Extension Project - Phase 2B 3/29/2018
California Department of Transportation I-80 Express Lanes Project 2/23/2018
Orange County Transportation Authority San Diego Freeway I-405 Improvement Project 1/22/2018


Applicant Project Posting Date
Hall Brambletree Associates, LP Walt Ranch Vineyard Phase 1 12/11/2017
Southern California Edison West of Devers Upgrade Project 12/05/2017
California Department of Transportation Route 121-PM 17.4/18.3 Culvert Replacement Project 11/02/2017
Altamont Winds, LLC Summit Wind Repower Project 09/01/2017
California High Speed Rail Authority Fresno – Bakersfield Amendment 1 08/16/2017
California Department of Transportation I-40 Median Regrade and Recontour Project 06/23/2017
Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District Regional General Order for Existing Flood Control Facilities 05/19/2017
California Department of Fish and Wildlife 2017 Fisheries Restoration Grant Program 05/11/2017
County of San Diego, Department of Public Works County of San Diego, Flood Control Maintenance Regional General Permit 53 (RGP 53) Amendment 04/20/2017
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 2017 Reissuance of Nationwide Permits 01/25/2017


Applicant Project Posting Date
California High Speed Rail Authority Fresno - Bakersfield Construction Packages 2/3 and 4 09/22/16
Tule Wind, LLC Tule I Wind 09/06/16
California Department of Fish and Wildlife 2016 Fisheries Restoration Grant Program 02/24/16


Applicant Project Posting Date
Riverside Flood Control and Water Conservation District Existing Flood Control Facilities Maintenance Regional General Permit 11/20/15
Co-Applicants: Canon Station LLC and City of Fairfield Canon Station Project 09/08/15
Federal Highway Administration - Central Federal Lands Highway Division (FHWA)

Draft - Waste Discharge Requirements for the Mojave National Preserve Road Repair Project

Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) and California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) are co-applicants Orange County Transportation Authority Renewed Measure M (M2) Freeway Program 06/19/15
Southern California Edison Santa Barbara County Reliability Project
  • Please Note: This Project was originally public noticed by the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board on 4/27/2015. This notice is to inform that the proposed Project will be reviewed by the State Water Board due to the fact that Project activities fall in more than one Regional Water Board jurisdictional boundaries.
California Department of Fish and Wildlife The 2015 Fisheries Restoration Grant Program 05/05/15
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power DRAFT - Waste Discharge Requirements for the Barren Ridge Renewable Transmission Line Project 04/17/15


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