Clean Water Act Section 401 – Certification and Wetlands Program

Public Notices

Applications for Water Quality Certification – Proposed Multi-Regional Projects and other public notices

Pursuant to federal law (Title 33, United States Code, Section 1341; Clean Water Act Section 401), applicants for a federal license or permit for activities which may discharge to waters of the United States must seek Water Quality Certification from the state with jurisdiction. Such Certification is based on a finding that the discharge will meet water quality standards and other applicable requirements. In California, Regional Water Quality Control Boards (Regional Boards) issue or deny Certification for discharges within their geographical jurisdiction. The State Water Resources Control Board has this responsibility for projects affecting waters within multiple Regional Board jurisdictions.

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This information is provided in satisfaction of the public notice requirements of Section 3858, Title 23, of the California Code of Regulations, which govern the State's Certification Program.

To submit comments, or if you have questions, please contact the staff identified for the project via email, or send written comments to:

State Water Resources Control Board
Attn: [insert staff name and project name]
Wetlands Permitting, Division of Water Quality
1001 I Street, Floor 15
Sacramento, CA 95814


County Name Applicant Project Name Project Purpose Posting Date Comment Deadline Contact
Contra Costa City of Hercules Sycamore Avenue Trunk Sewer Replacement Project The existing pipeline will be replaced with a 30-inch fusible polyvinyl chloride (FPVC) or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe generally in the same alignment. 6-08-2021 6-29-2021 Ashley Powell
Merced County SFPP, LP, a subsidiary of Kinder Morgan LS-62 Pipeline Exposure at Merced River Project Project proposes to remove a section of exposed petroleum pipeline from the Merced River. 5-28-2021 6-17-2021 Alex Lopez
Sacramento County Pacific Gas and Electric (V-519) PROJECT The purpose of the project is to permanently remove the inoperable cross-tie valve and
replace with one (1) new 16 inch-pipe and one (1) new 12-inch pipe approximately 6 feet
long to strengthen the integrity of the SP2Z and SP4Z gas pipelines.
5-25-2021 6-15-2021 Ashley Powell
Mono County Southern California Edison TD1622181 Casa Diablo-Control-Sherwin 115kV Subtransmission Line Deteriorated Pole Replacement Project SCE or SCE contracted crews propose to replace one existing deteriorated wood H-frame structure one new Light-Weight Steel H-frame structure. This structure will be removed and replaced using a helicopter set and foot access (hand digging). 5-20-2021 6-9-2021 Ashley Powell
Inyo County Southern California Edison 903098758 Control-Haiwee Remediation Project Project intends to repair two legs of an electrical transmission tower. Repairs are needed to address damaged concrete caps and corroded steel leg members. 5-20-2021 6-9-2021 Alex Lopez
Mono County Southern California Edison TD1663124 Mammoth Point Ranch Deteriorated Pole Replacement Project Project proposes the removal and replacement of a deteriorated wood pole with a new wood pole and includes placement of a 24-inch sonotube around the pole with 2 cubic yards of pea-sized gravel fill material between the pole and the form. 5-19-2021 6-8-2021 Ashley Powell

Ventura County

Southern California Gas Company

Line 8109 Erosion Repair Project

Project aims to excavate, examine, and remediate a pipeline exposure in order to prevent future exposure due to erosion.



Alex Lopez

San Luis Obispo County

Pacific Gas and Electric

Morro Creek Tributary Crossing Rehabilitation (South Culvert)

Replace existing culvert crossing of Escabroso Rd to ensure long-term access to electric transmission facilities.



Ashley Powell

Sonoma County Sonoma County Pavement Preservation Program Routine maintenance of existing roadways, including culverts, guard rails, and roadside ditches 5-4-2021 5-25-2021 Mark Chin
San Luis Obispo County Pacific Gas and Electric- Fresno Morro Creek Tributary Crossing Rehabilitation (North Culvert) Replace existing culvert crossing of Escabroso Rd to ensure long-term access to electric transmission facilities. 4-26-2021 6-9-2021 Ashley Powell
San Bernardino County San Bernardino County Master Storm Water System Maintenance Program – Concrete Facilities Routine maintenance of concrete lined flood control facilities. 4-19-2021 5-19-2021 Mark Chin
Contra Costa County Chevron Pipe Line Company Chevron Pipe Line Company BAPL 2020-AB-010 PIM Repair Project To investigate and repair/replace a specific anomaly in the Avon to Bethany leg of the Bay Area Product Line. 4-5-2021 4-25-2021 Alex Lopez
Riverside Southern California Gas Company PSEP Line 2001 West Santa Ana River Crossing Pipe Bridge Removal Demolition of existing suspension pipe bridge 4-1-2021 4-21-2021 Elizabeth Reece
Yolo County Chevron Pipe Line Company Bay Area Product Line Sacramento Ship Channel Mat Remediation Replace five displaced or damaged articulated concrete mats protecting an oil pipeline at its crossing in the Sacramento Deep Water Ship Channel 3-22-2021 4-11-2021 Alex Lopez
Los Angeles County Southern California Gas Company Line 225 MP 80.12 Exposure Repair Project Repair a natural gas pipeline and cover the pipeline with erosion-protecting mats. 3-22-2021 4-11-2021 Alex Lopez
Contra Costa County Chevron Pipe Line Company BAPL 2020-RA-001 and 2020-RA-002 PIM Repairs Project Investigate and repair/replace specific anomalies identified in the Bay Area Products Line (BAPL) Richmond leg of the pipeline that could compromise pipeline integrity. 3-19-2021 4-09-2021 Julia Beals
San Diego County SFPP, LP SFPP LS-126 Carlsbad Pipeline Exposure Evaluation Project Evaluate and repair, if applicable, a 238-foot segment of exposed pipeline. 3-19-2021 4-09-2021 Julia Beals
Multiple Cal Fish & Wildlife 2020 Fisheries Habitat Restoration Projects Implement Restoration Activities funded through California Department of Fish and Wildlife grant programs. 2-26-2021 3-19-2021 Brendan Reed