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The CBI Grant Program has provided funding for projects that restored and protected the water quality and the environment of coastal waters, estuaries, bays, and near shore waters. The CBI Grant Program was initiated in response to the poor water quality and significant exceedances of bacterial indicators revealed by Assembly Bill (AB) 411 (Stats. 1997, Ch. 765) monitoring at California's beaches. Scientific studies have shown high bacteria levels are associated with pathogens that can cause gastroenteritis, infections, and respiratory illness. The CBI Program has provided approximately $100 million for implementation and research projects.

The State Water Board adopted Resolution No. 2012-0020, which adopted revised Guidelines for this program.


The remaining funds for the Clean Beaches Initiative Grant Program have been included in the Proposition 1 Storm Water Grant Program (Prop 1 SWGP) Funding Guidelines and associated project solicitations. The Prop 1 SWGP Guidelines provide that storm water or dry weather runoff projects that restore and protect the water quality and environment of coastal waters may qualify to be funded with unused or re-appropriated Proposition 13, 40, 50, and 84 CBI funds. Please see the Prop 1 SWGP Funding Guidelines as well as all related documents, available online at:

Status of Project Approvals – The table shows projects that are invited to submit a detailed application, projects with draft and approved preliminary funding commitments, and projects with executed CBI agreements.

Clean Beaches Initiative Guidelines
The Guidelines contain an overview of the grant process, eligibility requirements, program priorities, proposal solicitation, review and selection process, and general requirements.

The CBI Guidelines have been superseded by the Proposition 1 Storm Water Grant Program Guidelines available at

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Funding Information

Eligible Applicants See the Prop 1 SWGP Guidelines
Eligible Project Types Multi-benefit storm water projects addressing discharge to coastal waters.
See the Prop 1 SWGP Guidelines
Funding Available Approximately $25 million
Fund Source Proposition 40
Proposition 50
Proposition 84
Loans or Grants Grants
Applications The Prop 1 SWGP is currently accepting ROUND 1 applications through July 8, 2016.
See the Prop 1 SWGP Guidelines

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Division of Financial Assistance
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