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Agricultural Order Requirements Links to Agricultural Order 4.0 (No. R3-2021-0040) documents, the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program, the EIR Certification (Resolution No. R3-2021-0039), and the EIR Findings of Fact to Resolution No. R3-2021-0039)
Annual Compliance Form Information about the requirement for growers to submit an ACF for each ranch.
Annual Irrigated Lands Permit Fees Information about State Water Board permit fees and Third-party program fees.
Archive Record of items previously posted to the Irrigated Lands Program (ILP) website including documents that are not in an accessible format.
Dashboard for Grower Reporting and Water Quality Interactive dashboard tool to provide the public with data and statistics on ILP enrollment, reports required by the Agricultural Order and water quality monitoring data.
Enforcement Actions Record of enforcement actions taken by the Water Board to protection water quality in the central coast region.
Enrollment Need information about enrollment? Need to enroll? Already enrolled? Need to authorize access to your account? Need to terminate a ranch or operation? Go here for links to the electronic Notice of Intent (eNOI), GeoTracker, and useful information.
Farm Water Quality Control Plan Information about the requirement for growers to maintain a Farm Plan for each ranch.
Funding Opportunities Grants available to growers, third-party programs, and others for agricultural activities related to water quality improvement efforts.
Groundwater Quality Monitoring and Reporting Information about groundwater quality monitoring and reporting requirements and third-party program assistance.
Items for Discretionary Review Information for submitting a request for discretionary review and a list of items open for discretionary review under Ag Order 4.0.
Public and Legal Information Information about gaining access to public records maintained by the ILP through a Public Records Act (PRA) request, as well as the Ag Order 4.0 litigation and petition process and items being reviewed by the State Water Board.
Requirements Checklist Tool Interactive tool to assist growers with understanding yearly Agricultural Order requirements that are specific to their ranch(s) location and third-party membership status.
Summary of Requirements: Compliance Calendar Table of Agricultural Order requirements and due dates, organized by general requirements, groundwater protection requirements, surface water protection requirements, and including both individual and third-party program options.
Surface Water Quality Monitoring and Reporting Information about surface water quality monitoring and reporting requirements and third-party program assistance.
Technical Assistance Providers and Consultants Contact information for technical assistance providers and consultants available to help growers throughout the central coast region.
Third-Party Programs Information about approved third-party program administrators that can assist growers in compliance with portions of the Agricultural Order.
Total Nitrogen Applied Report / Irrigation and Nutrient Management Summary Report Information about the requirement for growers to submit a TNA Report or an INMP Summary Report and directions for each of these.
Tutorials & Instructions Videos and guides to assist growers with Irrigated Lands Program enrollment, GeoTracker access, report submission and more.
Tutoriales e Instrucciones Videos y guías para ayudar a los productores con la inscripción en el Programa de Tierras Irrigadas, el acceso a GeoTracker, el envío de informes y más
教程和说明 帮助种植者注册灌溉土地计划、访问 GeoTracker、提交报告等的视频和指南