Roadmap to ELAP Accreditation

On May 5, 2020, the California State Water Resources Control Board adopted comprehensive regulations for the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP) to modernize the program and elevate data quality for California communities. ELAP’s corresponding compliance assistance campaign, Roadmap to ELAP Accreditation, includes tools and guidance to help laboratories successfully navigate the path to compliance.

TNI Early Adopters Recognition Initiative

Congratulations to all the laboratories who have proactively implemented the TNI Standard quality management system before the required compliance date! ELAP commends you for your hard work and dedication!

TNI Early Adopters Recongnition Initiative

  • 49er Water Laboratory, Certificate #3036
  • Agriculture & Priority Pollutants Laboratories, LLC #1312
  • AIH Laboratory, Certificate #3070
  • Alameda County Water District WQL
  • Alpha Analytical Laboratories, Inc. - Los Angeles #3091
  • Alpha Analytical Laboratories, Inc. - North Bay #2302
  • Alpha Analytical Laboratories, Inc. - Ukiah #1551
  • Alvardo WW Chemistry Lab #1609
  • American Analytics, Inc, Certificate #1471
  • American Analytics, Inc., Certificate #1894
  • American Environmental Testing Laboratories, LLC, Certificate #1541
  • Analytical Chemical Labs, Inc., Certificate #2505
  • Applied Industrial Microbiology, Inc.
  • Asset Laboratories, Certificate #2921
  • Babcock Laboratories, Inc., Certificate #2698
  • BSK Associates – San Bernardino, Certificate #2993
  • BSK Associates, Certificate #1180
  • California Laboratory Services, Certificate #1233
  • CalTest Analytical Laboratory, Certificate #1664
  • Camrosa Water District Wastewater Laboratory #1638
  • Camrosa Water District Laboratory Certificate #1638
  • Central Marin Sanitation Agency Laboratory, Certificate #1448
  • Ceres Analytical Laboratory, Inc., Certificate #3046
  • Chemtek Environmental Laboratories, Inc., Certificate #1435
  • Chevron Environmental Laboratory, Certificate #2898
  • City of Burbank Water Reclamation Plant Laboratory, Certificate #1819
  • City of Hayward  #1130
  • City of Pasadena Water Quality Laboratory #1473
  • City of Sacramento Water Quality Laboratory, Certificate #1508
  • City of Santa Cruz Environmental Laboratory
  • City of San Mateo #1151
  • Clear Lake Environmental Research Center Laboratory, Certificate #3056
  • Continental Water Laboratory, Certificate #2955
  • Contra Costa Water District Laboratory, Certificate #1548
  • Dellavalle Laboratory, Inc. #1595
  • Denele Analytical, Inc., Certificate #2714
  • E & J Gallo Winery #2482
  • E & J Gallo Winery Certificate #2482
  • East Bay Municipal Utility District #1060
  • East Bay Municipal Utility District - Walnut Creek #2759
  • EMAX Laboratories, Inc., Certificate #2672
  • EMSL Analytical Inc. – San Leandro, Certificate #1620
  • Enthalpy Analytical, LLC – Orange, Certificate #1338
  • Enthalpy Analytical, LLC – San Diego, Certificate #1802
  • Environmental Health dba IEH Laboratories and Consulting, dba IEH JL Analytical, Certificate #2776
  • Escondido - City Water Quality Laboratory #1625
  • Eurofins Calscience
  • Eurofins Calscience #3082
  • Eurofins Eaton Analytical – Monrovia, Certificate #2813
  • Eurofins Sacramento, Certificate #2897
  • Frontier Analytical Laboratory, Certificate #2934
  • H&P Mobile Geochemistry, Inc., Certificate #2741
  • Imperial County Public Health Laboratory, Certificate # 1773
  • Joint Water Pollution Control Plant WQL #1034
  • LA Testing, Certificate #1406
  • LLNL Analytical Laboratory
  • Lodi Wine Labs, Certificate #3078
  • Long Beach Water Department Water Quality Lab
  • Los Angeles County Sanitation District – San Jose Creek, Certificate #1052
  • Marine Pollution Studies Lab, Certificate #3006
  • Marinez Refining Company, LLC #2143
  • McCampbell Analytical Inc., Certificate #1644
  • Metro Biosolids Center Chemistry Lab #2478
  • Metropolitan Water District of Southern California – F.E. Weymouth Water Treatment Plant Laboratory, Certificate #1615
  • Metropolitan Water District of Southern California – Henry J. Mills Water Treatment Plant Laboratory, Certificate #1069
  • Metropolitan Water District of Southern California – Joseph Jensen Water Treatment Plant Laboratory, Certificate #1367
  • Metropolitan Water District of Southern California – Robert A. Skinner Water Treatment Plant Laboratory, Certificate #1042
  • Metropolitan Water District of Southern California – Robert B. Diemer Water Treatment Plant Laboratory, Certificate #1350
  • Metropolitan Water District of Southern California – Water Quality Laboratory, Certificate #1618
  • Michelson Laboratories, Certificate #1198
  • Napa Sanitation District #2334
  • Nick C. DeGroot Water Quality Laboratory, Certificate #2646
  • North City Process and Compliance Lab #2477
  • North Coast Laboratories, Ltd
  • North San Mateo County Sanitation District, Certificate #2506
  • Oilfield Environmental & Compliance, Inc., Certificate #2438
  • Orange County Sanitation District, Certificate #1601
  • Orange County Water District Laboratory, Certificate #1114
  • Otay Water District Certificate #1658
  • Pace Analytical National Center for Testing & Innovation – Davis, Certificate #2961
  • Pacific EcoRisk, Certificate #2085
  • Palo Alto Regional Water Quality Control Lab #1087
  • Pat-Chem Laboratories, Certificate #1531
  • Performance Analytical Laboratories, Inc.
  • Point Loma WW Chemistry Lab #2474
  • Positive Lab Service, Certificate #1131
  • San Jose / Santa Clara WPCP Laboratory #1313
  • Santa Clara Valley Water District #1205
  • Silicon Valley Clean Water #1688
  • Silliker, Inc., Certificate #1534
  • South Bay WW Chemistry Lab #2539
  • TJH2b Analytical Services, Certificate #2112
  • Torrent Laboratory, Inc. #1991
  • US Ecology Vernon, Certificate #2313
  • Vista Analytical Laboratory, Certificate #2892
  • Vista Irrigation District, Certificate #1761
  • Weck Laboratories, Certificate #1132
  • Zone 7 Water Quality Laboratory, Certificate #1403

Disclaimer: The list above recognizes laboratories who have successfully passed an assessment to future regulatory requirements. ELAP expresses no opinion as to the quality of any laboratory beyond whether they are accredited to perform environmental analyses in the state.

If your laboratory is not on this list, but should be, please contact us – we want to recognize you! In order to be awarded a certificate of recognition, your laboratory must successfully complete an onsite assessment to the TNI Standard requirements in regulation. Reach out to us at

ACIL Small Laboratory Mentor Initiative

ELAP recognizes and appreciates the five small laboratories and the mentors that participated in the American Council of Independent Laboratories Mentor Initiative to pilot the TNI Standard in small laboratories throughout the state before adoption of the regulations. Your early willingness to implement the TNI Standard is commended!

  • Avalon Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Susanville Sanitary District WWTP Lab
  • Mammoth Community Water District Laboratory
  • NAVFAC Southwest San Clemente Island Laboratory
  • Orange County Public Health lab

TNI Documentation Workshop Training Videos

The State Water Board sponsored a one-of-a-kind introductory training course about the TNI Standard and its requirements for all accredited laboratories to assist with the implementation of the TNI Standard. The workshop series was provided by A2LA Workplace Training in 2021 and 2022. Even though the live events have concluded, you can still view the trainings online for free!

BEFORE YOU START! Make sure you have the course materials – fillable templates for policies and procedures, an extensive document describing the requirements, explanations, and context for key areas of the Standard, examples of policies and procedures, a quick-look job aid identifying where policies, procedures, and records that participants can use as a checklist to ensure they comply with the standard. To request the training materials, email

Transition Appointments

Do you need advice or feedback from ELAP staff on your laboratory’s plan to transition to the new regulatory requirements?
ELAP is offering one-on-one virtual Transition Appointments to help you chart a path to compliance. To request an appointment, email with your certificate number and contact information. Including a list of specific questions you have is greatly appreciated!