The Office of Information Management and Analysis (OIMA)


The Office of Information Management and Analysis was established in 2008 to serve as an advocate for data management, a bridge between data collectors and users, as well as, provide transparency of the Water Board’s information management infrastructure. Our goal at OIMA is to collaborate monitoring efforts, accurately analyze data, make our data easily accessible, and create visualizations and reports that make data understandable across all audiences.

Meet Us

Name Title Programs
Greg Gearheart Director OIMA
Rafael Maestu Chief Data Scientist OIMA
Nick Martorano Environmental Program Manager I Water Quality Monitoring Council
Melissa Morris Environmental Program Manager I SWAMP, Quality Assurance, Assessment Reporting
Erickson Burres Sr. Environmental Scientist Citizen Monitoring
Beverly Anderson-Abbs Sr. Environmental Scientist Performance Management
Jarma Bennett Sr. WRC Engineer Data Management
Ali Dunn Sr. Environmental Scientist SWAMP
Renee Spears Sr. Environmental Scientist Quality Assurance
Dawit Tadesse Sr. Environmental Scientist Assessment Reporting