Santa Ana Region Storm Water Unit

Storm Water Unit

The Storm Water Unit addresses issues related to storm water and non-storm water discharges to waters of the nation including storm drains, rivers, streams, lakes, wetlands and the ocean. The Clean Water Act requires the State/Regional Boards to regulate the discharge of storm water from a number of sources. For Phase I of the program, these sources included large (population greater than 250,000) and medium (population from 100,000 to 250,000) sized municipalities, most industrial sites, and construction activities on one acre or more. This web site will be updated with additional information regarding Phase II programs as information become available.

Some of the storm water programs have been addressed on a statewide basis and some on a regional basis. The State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) issued two General Permits (General Industrial Activities Storm Water Permit and the General Construction Activity Storm Water Permit) to address most of the industrial facilities and the construction sites within California. In addition, the SWRCB issued two state-wide Municipal Permits (the CalTrans MS4 Permit and the Phase II MS4 Permit) Copies of these General Permits are available at the SWRCB's Storm Water web site.

The Santa Ana Regional Board adopted a sector-specific General Permit for storm water discharges from certain industrial facilities identified by the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code 5093, specifically identifying metal scrap recyclers (excluding recycling facilities that only receive recyclable materials where no processes are performed on the metal scrap other than sorting, compaction, storage and transport). This sector-specific permit (R8-2018-0069, CAG618001) was adopted on October 19, 2018.

A number of regional boards, including the Santa Ana Regional Board, adopted individual storm water permits for some of the facilities within their region. The regional boards administer the State's General Permits and the regional board's individual permits.

A list of the facilities covered under the two State General Permits may be obtained at the SWRCB's Storm Water web site. For a list of the facilities covered by individual permits issued by the Santa Ana Regional Board or to review the files for the facilities covered either by the General Permits or by individual permits, contact the file review desk at

The Santa Ana Region also issued three municipal storm water permits to the three counties (Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino) and all the incorporated cities within the jurisdiction of this Board. Click on the county name for more details on the permit.

Order Number
Staff Contact
Orange 25 Steven Stephansen 951-320-2027
Riverside 14 Ray Akhtarshad 951-320-2024
San Bernardino 16 Ray Akhtarshad 951-320-2024

To report any illegal/illicit discharges to the waters of the State (streets, storm drains, rivers, streams, lakes, wetlands, ocean, etc.), the staff person listed above may be contacted.

For any other questions regarding the Storm Water Units, you may contact either Section Chiefs: Michelle Beckwith at (951) 782-4433 (Coastal) or Adam Fischer at (951) 320-6363 (Inland).

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