Central Coast Post-Construction Stormwater Requirements

Resolution R3-2013-0032 Adopted July 12, 2013, Approving Post-Construction Stormwater Management Requirements for Development Projects in the Central Coast

85th and 95th Percentile Rainfall Depths

The Central Coast Post-Construction Requirements stipulate that municipalities must require Regulated Projects to use rainfall statistics provided by the Central Coast Water Board or to calculate site-specific rainfall depths determined from local rainfall data using USEPA’s methodology (see Post-Construction Requirements Provision B.4.c). 

Rainfall Statistics Provided by the Central Coast Water Board:

Directions for Using Local Rainfall Data to Develop Site-Specific Rainfall Depths:

Watershed Management Zones and Spatial Data Coverages

The following spatial data coverages are available, grouped by County:
  • Watershed Management Zones
  • Physical Landscape Zones
  • Receiving Water Type
  • Groundwater Basins
  • Geology
  • Urban Nodes
  • Hydrologic Soil Groups

Shapefile Descriptions

Download these coverages by clicking on the County name below. 
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Implementation of Post-Construction Stormwater Requirements

Annual Reporting

Technical Support for LID Implementation:

To Support Integration of Post-Construction Requirements into Municipal Requirements:

Municipal Regulatory Update Training:

Webinar training series for the Municipal Regulatory Update Program (MRUAP) to aid local governments with review, revision, and presentation of new and amended regulatory language for LID.

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Gap Analysis Templates for Identifying Where Changes to Municipal Code are Needed to Promote LID:

Development of the Central Coast’s Post-Construction Stormwater Requirements:

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