Strategy to Optimize Resource Management of Stormwater (Stormwater Strategy, STORMS)

STORMS' mission is to lead the evolution of Stormwater management in California by advancing the perspective that Stormwater is a valuable resource, supporting policies for collaborative watershed-level Stormwater management and pollution prevention, removing obstacles to funding, developing resources, and integrating regulatory and non-regulatory interests.

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Chapter 811, Statute of 2017 (Senate Bill 541, Allen) required the State Water Board to “recommend best design and use practices for stormwater and dry weather runoff capture practices that can generally be applied to all new, reconstructed, or altered public schools, including school grounds.” The following guidelines provide insights for the selection, design, and implementation of practices that can reduce runoff and pollutants that flow from school properties by minimizing impervious surfaces, increasing green space, promoting infiltration, and treating runoff on site.

(Updated 07/07/2020)

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STORMS Contacts

Stormwater Planning Unit
State Water Resources Control Board
1001 I Street, 15th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814


Stormwater Planning Unit Staff

  • Chris Beegan: (916) 341-5912
  • Matthew Freese: (916) 341-5485
  • Sahand Rastegarpour: (916) 322-7786
  • Sara Huber: (916) 323-0683

Stormwater Planning Unit Chief

  • Amanda Magee: (916) 322-8569