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Hiring Process

1. The Examination Process

Before you can be appointed to a permanent position, you must complete an open competitive exam. To determine whether you meet the minimum qualifications, you must first review the exam bulletin. The exam bulletin has specific instructions on how, where and when to file for a particular exam. To view a listing of the State Water Resources Control Board’s exams please click on the link below:

Upon successful completion of the exam, applicants will be ranked and placed on the employment list according to score. The employment list will be used to fill vacant positions for the specific job classification. Applicants must be “reachable” in order to be appointed. Only those in the top three ranks on the employment list are considered reachable.

2. Search and Apply for Vacancies

Once you have completed the examination process, you may begin applying for job vacancies. Job description and details on how to apply are on the vacancy posting. Applicants must complete a State Application Form (STD 678) to apply for vacancies. You can search for job vacancy bulletins and complete the STD 678 application by visiting California Department of Human Resources’ website at

3. Hiring Interview

Hiring interviews are conducted for each job vacancy. Your name will remain on the employment list until your list eligibility expires, unless you are hired for a position.

4. Probation Period List

If selected for hire, you will serve a 6 to 12-month probationary period, depending on the job classification. Upon successful completion of the probationary period, you will be appointed as a permanent employee.