California Water Boards' Annual Performance Report - Fiscal Year  2019-20 



Community Water System
A Community water system is a public water system that serves at least 15 service connections used by yearlong residents or regularly serves at least 25 yearlong residents of the area served by the system.

Local Primary Agency (LPA)
A LPA is a local primacy agency (e.g., county health department) that implements the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act for public water systems that have 200 or fewer service connections.

Public Water System
A public water system is a system that provides water for human consumption through pipes or other constructed conveyances, if such a system has at least fifteen service connections or regularly served at least 25 people at least 60 days out of the year.

Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS)
SDWIS is California's safe drinking water information database system.

Sanitary Survey
A sanitary survey is a comprehensive review and inspection to evaluate the adequacy of the water system to provide safe drinking water. The comprehensive evaluation and inspection must include: 1) sources of supply, 2) treatment facilities, 3) distribution system, 4) finished water storage, 5) pumps, pump facilities, and controls, 6) monitoring, reporting, and data verification, 7) system management and operation, and 8) operator compliance with State requirements. The sanitary survey includes an in-office file review and a physical field visit inspection.