Remotely Participating in State Water Board Meetings

 Please check this page regularly and again before the board meeting starts as it will be updated with additional information to facilitate the public’s participation in the meeting.

Details for February 7, 2023 Board Meeting

Information about participating in the State Water Board’s remote meeting is further down on this page and should be reviewed before joining the meeting. Once you have reviewed details on this page, please use the Meeting ID below to join the meeting as early as 9:15 a.m. on the meeting day. Before joining the meeting, you will need to obtain a password from the Clerk. Instructions for obtaining a password are below.

You do not need to create a Zoom account to join the meeting.

Zoom Meeting Information

Febuary 7, 2023

Zoom Meeting ID: 917 4763 9738

Password: See instructions below to contact the Clerk for the password

Direct link to join the meeting from a web browser or Zoom client:

One tap mobile

+16699009128,,91747639738# (San Jose)

You will need to manually enter the password provided by the Clerk.

Or call from a landline:

+1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)

And enter the Meeting ID when Prompted: 917 4763 9738#

You will need to manually enter the password provided by the Clerk.

Resumption of In-Person Meetings with a Remote Participation Option

Beginning with the April 5, 2022 State Water Board meeting, Board Members and staff will resume in-person meetings with a physical meeting location open to the public. Members of the public who wish to observe or to address the members may join the Board Members at the noticed, physical location, or may use the Zoom application to address the Board from a remote location. Members of the public will also be able to listen to and watch the meeting on the CalEPA webcast or YouTube.

Individuals who require special accommodations are requested to contact the Clerk to the Board by phone at: (916) 341-5600 or by email at:

  If you only want to watch or listen to the Board meeting

The webcast can be viewed through most web browsers from either or (closed captioning available).

Individuals who only want to watch or listen should use this option as it preserves interactive meeting resources for those who are commenting on items.

  If you want to provide oral comments to the Board during the meeting

Members of the public who wish to provide oral comments may join the Board Members and staff at the noticed meeting location. Alternatively, if a member of the public wishes to address the Board Members from a remote location, the State Water Board will continue using the Zoom application to allow remote participation by the public.

With the remote participation option, you can either call in or use a computer or mobile device (e.g., mobile phone or table) to participate via audio or video conference.

  Guidelines for Orderly Participation for Those Who Want to Comment Remotely During the Meeting

  • Remote meetings often lack the same visual and social cues available during public, in-person meetings. Please be respectful and patient so all interested commenters can be fairly heard.
  • Call in to the meeting or video conference into the meeting a few minutes before the scheduled start of the meeting to ensure you can resolve any technical issues before the meeting starts. You will initially be in a virtual waiting room, and will remain there until the start of the meeting.
  • If the agenda specifies that the item you intend to comment on will not start before a certain time, please join the remote meeting at least 15 minutes before the specified time.
  • You will be muted until it is your turn to speak. While muted, you will be able to hear the Board meeting and can continue watching via the remote meeting service if you have connected from a computer or mobile device.
  • Even though you may only wish to comment on one item, the Board encourages you to participate in the entire meeting via the Zoom application, unless your item has a specified time, because there are at times brief delays associated with the webcast, and it may not be synchronized with the interactive meeting.
  • Regardless of whether you participate via phone, computer, or mobile device, please participate from a quiet environment so that the Board can hear you when you are called upon. If you are using the internet to connect to the meeting, try to ensure you have a good connection or strong signal.
  • It is important to avoid creating acoustic feedback. If there are other devices near you that are tuned into the meeting, please make sure that the speaker volume of those devices is turned down when it is your turn to participate.
  • The Board Chair will maintain decorum during the meeting as is customary in public meetings, and individuals who are disruptive may be removed from the Zoom application or have their connection muted.
  • Other public commenters will be able to see your name (which is not unusual because commenters already have to identify themselves for the record before speaking), and if you call in, other commenters will see the last three digits of your phone number unless you have called in anonymously.

  Joining the Meeting Remotely if You Want to Participate

  Participating via Telephone

  If you want to use your phone to provide comments but follow along with the video presentations (e.g., because you do not have or want to use a computer microphone or camera), you can do so, but the computer or mobile device will need to be connected to the Zoom meeting using the steps below for “Participating via Video Conference.” When connecting to the Zoom meeting through a computer or mobile device select the option that you are participating by phone call. The Zoom service will give you a participant number that you can then enter on your phone (#[Participant Number]#]).

  Participating via Video Conference

  • The State Water Board will be using the Zoom application for those who want to provide comments remotely. Do not use the webcast if you are participating through the Zoom remote service. And only use the Zoom service if you want to provide comments remotely.
  • You do not need to create a Zoom account to participate in a Water Board meeting. The Meeting ID and password provided by the Water Board are all you will need to join the meeting, but you will need to enter your name so the Board can identify and unmute you from the speaker queue.
  • You do not need to install software on your computer to participate. The Zoom service can run within an existing web browser.
  • Downloading the Zoom software may, however, provide a superior meeting experience for you. You can download the Zoom client in advance at:
  • Familiarize yourself with the Zoom features here:

Requesting to Speak (the “Virtual Blue Speaker Card”) and Obtaining the Password for Remote Participation

To address the State Water Board remotely during the meeting, you will need to obtain a password by completing a virtual speaker card and indicating you intend to address the board from a remote location. Persons speaking at State Water Board meetings are accustomed to filling out a blue speaker card. To allow for a more orderly process of identifying speakers in advance, the State Water Board will use virtual speaker cards. The virtual speaker card will allow the Board Clerk to identify commenters interested in an item, locate them within the Zoom meeting waiting list, and unmute them so they can address the Board at the appropriate time.

The virtual speaker card system will also be used for persons addressing the Board Members in person, in the meeting room. If you want to address the Board and will be in the meeting room, you can fill out the form linked below and indicate you will attend in-person.

To request to speak on an item and to receive the meeting password:


  • Fill out a virtual speaker card using our online form
    The Clerk will respond to your form with the password for the meeting. Should you have any questions or problems please send an email to:

If you do not submit a form, you cannot participate in the Zoom meeting until you receive an email with the password. This means you may need to begin watching the webcast available at either or (closed captioning available).

  (Page last updated 01/27/2023)