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Water Conservation Portal - Administrative Civil Liability Complaints

The following table includes the Administrative Civil Liability Complaint Orders issued by the State Water Board’s Office of Enforcement.

Administrative Civil Liability Complaints

City of Beverly Hills 10/29/2015 11/12/2015 Payment
Coachella Valley Water District 10/29/2015 5/12/2016 Supplemental Environmental Project completed on February 2017 and accepted by OE on April 2017
Indio Water Authority 10/29/2015 5/10/2016 Supplemental Environmental Project completed on December 2016 and accepted by OE on April 2017
City of Redlands 10/29/2015 7/26/2016 Supplemental Environmental Project- In progress and expected to be completed by June 2017

Request for a Hearing

Under Water Code section 1055(b), a party that has been served a complaint may request a hearing no later than 20 days from the date the party was served. If a hearing is requested, a separate notice setting the time and place for the hearing will be mailed not less than 10 days before the hearing date. A request for hearing shall be sent to Cris Carrigan, Director of Office of Enforcement at Cris.Carrigan@waterboards.ca.gov.

  *If you would like to view specific Administrative Civil Liability Complaints or Stipulated Orders, please submit a request to Ms. Angeles Caliso at angeles.caliso@waterboards.ca.gov.