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Assistance with the 2016 TNI Standard

The State Water Board is proposing to assist laboratories in making the transition to the 2016 TNI Standard by providing tools, training, and a three-year implementation period for many requirements.

  • TNI Documentation Workshops
    We envision a one-day workshop focused on document development that is open to all laboratories. It will be held throughout the state and will include in-class work with a consultant to develop documentation required by the TNI Standard. Laboratories will receive templates and tools as part of this workshop.
  • Support for TNI Mentor Groups
    ELAP is offering support to any laboratory mentor groups that have formed to assist each other with implementation of the TNI Standard. Contact us at elapca@waterboards.ca.gov to see how we can assist you.

  • TNI Membership
    ELAP has negotiated a free 6-month membership to TNI, for its laboratories, which includes member rates on documents and trainings. This membership can be requested until the time the Regulations package is adopted by the State Water Board. Email TNI's Executive Administrator, Suzanne Rachmaninoff, at suzanne.rachmaninoff@nelac-institute.org to request membership. In addition to receiving discounted rates on TNI implementation resources, members also have the benefit of participating in the formal consensus process. ELAP encourages laboratories to take an active role in this process and represent California at the national level.

Draft Regulations Public Workshops

ELAP's Draft Regulations Team held public workshops throughout California from July 25th - August 3rd, to solicit comments, answer questions, and review Preliminary Draft Regulations text for clarity and completeness. Please see below for more information regarding the Preliminary Draft Regulations Public Workshops.

View our map of public workshop locations relevant to ELAP-accredited laboratories.

Draft Regulations Readiness


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