Proposition 84 Section 75022 Application Materials

ATTENTION – In order to submit an application for Proposition 84, Section 75022, funding, water systems must have satisfied the following requirements:

  1. The water system must have been sent a letter inviting them to apply for Proposition 84 funding. The letter included a Notice of Intent (NOI) form that must be returned to CDPH.
  2. The water system must have indicated on the NOI that they intend to apply for funding.
  3. The water system must have returned the NOI by the deadline specified on the form.

Applications from water systems that did not meet the preceding requirements will not be processed.

Enclosure Number Description Available
Document Formats
1 Application for Grant Funding PDF MS Word
2 Application Guidelines MS Word
3 Technical Report
(choose the document corresponding to your project type)
  (3p) Feasibility Study PDF MS Word
  (3c) Construction Study MS Word
4 Technical Report Guidelines PDF  
5 Map of Drinking Water Program District Offices and Contacts PDF  
6 Proposition 218 Information PDF  
7 Certification for Compliance with Water Metering Requirements PDF MS Word
8 Labor Compliance Self Certification Form PDF MS Word
9 Payee Data Record Form (STD 204) PDF MS Word
10 Sample Resolution for Application PDF MS Word
11 Sample Resolution for Funding Agreement PDF MS Word
12 Guidelines for Consolidation Projects (P84) PDF  

California Department of Public Health, Drinking Water Program District Offices (PDF)