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Board Workshop Presentations on PFAS: March 6, 2019

Introductions & Overview Board Members
US EPA PFAS Action Plan Overview Corine Li, Manager, Drinking Water Management Section, US EPA Region 9
PerfluorooctaneSulfonate (PFOS) and PerfluorooctanoicAcid (PFOA) at Military Facilities Richard G. Mach, Jr., Director, Environmental Compliance and Restoration Policy, US Navy
PFAS in California, Core Scientific Principles and Policy Recommendations Anna Reade, Ph.D., Staff Scientist, Natural Resources Defense Council
Andria Ventura, Toxics Program Manager, Clean Water Action/Clean Water Fund
OEHHA’s Evaluation of PFAS Melanie A. Marty, Ph.D., Assistant Deputy Director, Scientific Programs, OEHHA
DTSC’s Regulatory Actions and Findings Karl Palmer, Chief, Safer Consumer Products Branch, DTSC
California’s Regulatory Authorities and Development of a Multi-media PFAS Action Plan Jane Williams, Executive Director, California Communities Against Toxics
Water Boards Phased Investigation Plan Darrin Polhemus, SWRCB, Deputy Director of Division of Drinking Water
Shahla Farahnak, SWRCB, Assistant Deputy Director of Division of Water Quality
Public Forum/Comments