Enforcement News Releases – 2019

Conservation Date

Drinking Water Date

Water Quality Violations Date
City of Hollister Will Pay $181,110 for Illegal Discharge Caused by Wastewater Collection System Failure 12/19/2019
Placerville Developer Agrees to Settlement for Illegal Diversions into Nearby Creek 12/11/2019
Sutter County Developer Agrees to $160,000 Settlement over Environmental Threats to Grass Valley’s Wolf Creek 12/05/2019
Nursery Agrees to $18,132 Settlement for Polluting Impaired Water Body In San Diego County 10/30/2019
Rocklin Developer Agrees to $153,000 Settlement in Environmental Threats to Nearby Ravine 09/19/2019
Hospitality Company Fined $11,990 for Violating Construction Permit and Unlawfully Discharging to Carbonera Creek 08/29/2019
$3.7 Million Settlement Reached Following Multi-agency Probe of Vineyard Development that Threatened Mendocino County Watersheds 08/02/2019
Glenn County Gravel Mining Operation Receives $675,000 Penalty For Water Quality Violations 06/13/2019
Ten Public Agencies Are Ordered to Investigate their Systems for Discharges of Human Waste into the Lower San Diego River 06/12/2019
$325,000 Settlement Reached In Illegal Land Development For Cannabis Cultivators 06/12/2019
Cease and Desist Order Issued for Oil Field Wastewater Disposal Facility in Kern County to Ensure Greater Groundwater Protections 06/07/2019
Shasta County Property Owners Fined $150,000 for Water Quality Violations at Cannabis Grow Site 02/21/2019
Work Halted on Saggio Hills Development In Healdsburg for Storm Water Violations 02/21/2019
Former Shasta County Property Owner Fined $83,000 for Water Quality Violations at Cannabis Grow Site 02/21/2019
Central Valley Agricultural Water Coalitions Agree To Provide Safe Drinking Water To Those Dependent on Contaminated Wells 01/29/2019
Central Coast Water Board Reaches Settlement with Guggia Farms Over Reporting Violations 01/24/2019
City of Glendale to Pay $653,000 for Underground Storage Tank Violations 01/14/2019