Enforcement News Releases – 2020

Conservation Date

Water Quality Violations Date
North Coast Water Board to consider $6.4 million fine against luxury resort developer for Clean Water Act violations
December public hearing scheduled after settlement negotiations fail
Phillips 66 San Francisco Refinery agrees to $285,000 Settlement for Discharge Violation 08/20/2020
Foul odors from Tulare County pistachio processing plant trigger cease and desist order 08/14/2020
City of Galt agrees to six-figure settlement in sewage spill case 08/11/2020
Monterey Mushroom, Inc. to pay $1.2 million for unauthorized wastewater discharges to local tributaries of Elkhorn Slough 07/20/2020
Lewis Land Developers to Settle Stormwater Violations at Placer County Construction Project 06/15/2020
Two Central Valley Dairy Operators Cited for Violating Waste Management Practices 06/10/2020
Dairy Operator Agrees to $57,024 Settlement for Dumping Dairy Wastewater on Cropland and Poor Waste Management Practices 05/21/2020
SF Bay Water Board Orders North America’s Largest Mushroom Grower to Pay $911,000 For Polluted Stormwater Discharges 04/06/2020
$1.5 Million Settlement for Multiple Sewage Spills to Mojave River Tributaries 02/16/2020
City of Morgan Hill to Pay $433,366 for Four Sewage Spills to Llagas Creek 03/13/2020
Dairyman Agrees to $108,608 Settlement for Dumping Dairy Wastewater on Cropland 01/29/2020
North Coast Water Board Proposes $4.9 Million Fine Against Luxury Resort Developer 01/22/2020
San Diego Water Board Seeks $9 Million Penalty Against Baldwin & Sons for Illegal Discharges and Permit Violations 01/14/2020
U.S. Army Corps Contractor Agrees to $741,466 Settlement for Storm Water Pollution Violations 01/13/2020
Roman Catholic Bishop of Sacramento to Settle in Stormwater Violations at Placer County Construction Project 01/06/2020

Water Rights Date
Garberville Sanitary District to pay $40,000 for unauthorized bulk water sales
Purchasers hauled water to sites located outside the district’s “place of use”

Fraud, Waste, & Abuse Prevention Date