Press Releases/Media Advisories – 2023

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DESCRIPTION DATE CATEGORY Comunicado de Prensa en Español
State Water Board readopts decorative grass watering ban on business and government properties 06/01/2023 General
State Water Board Statement: U.S. Supreme Court decision decreases federal wetlands protection 05/25/2023 General
Major state-funded Sacramento project to provide environmental, water recycling benefits 05/19/2023 Water Quality
Board updates SAFER Needs Assessment Report to guide state’s drinking water support for communities 04/27/2023 SAFER
Orange County completes world’s largest wastewater recycling and purification system 04/14/2023 General
Los Angeles Water Board selects Susana Arredondo as its new executive officer 04/13/2023 General
North Coast Water Board approves new fish hatchery, part of historic renewal of Klamath River 04/07/2023
State Water Board expedites funding process for high priority drinking water projects 03/20/2023 SAFER
State Water Board rescinds suspension of Delta water quality requirement 03/10/2023 Water Quality
State Water Board approves Bureau of Reclamation petition to capture flood flows for groundwater recharge 03/08/2023
State Water Board names Jay Ziegler new Delta Watermaster 02/13/2023
Central Coast Regional Board adopts Racial Equity resolution 02/17/2023 Region 3 La Junta de Agua de la Costa Central adopta una resolución sobre equidad racial
Water Board grants Lamont District $25.4 million to secure safe drinking water for 20,000 residents 02/13/2023 SAFER
State Water Board selects Nicole Kuenzi to oversee Administrative Hearings Office 02/10/2023 General
State Water Board approves funding for Tijuana River Valley, New River water quality projects 02/02/2023 Water Quality
State Water Board helps Tuolumne County grade school secure safe drinking water 02/01/2023 SAFER
State Water Board adopts new statewide sanitary sewer order 01/30/2023 Water Quality
State Water Board Welcomes 11 Appointees to Advisory Group on Safe Drinking Water Funding 01/25/2023 SAFER La Junta Estatal del Agua les da la bienvenida a 11 nuevos miembros del Grupo Asesor sobre la financiación del agua potable
Board Issues First Five-Year Temporary Groundwater Recharge Permit 01/13/2023 General