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Data Management Workshop

Who and What:

The State Water Resources Control Board’s Office of Information Management and Analysis will be hosting an update of the Data Management Innovations Team, a group of data scientists formed to improve data accessibility and associated innovation within the Water Boards. These efforts support the open data principles and strategic actions outlined in State Water Board Resolution No. 2018-0032.






The overarching goal of the workshop is to inform stakeholders of the Data Management Innovations Team’s progress and continued strategies for improving upon the State Water Board’s data management.

More Information and Contacts:

Receive updates by email regarding this workshop and the Data Management Innovations Team subscribe to our email list “Data Innovation and Utilization Workgroup” under General Interests and Monitoring Council Workgroups & My Water Quality Portals.  Please direct any questions about this notice to Greg Gearheart, Deputy Director of OIMA at (916) 341-5892 or