Data and Databases - Groundwater


This topic includes ambient groundwater level and groundwater quality sampling data throughout California, well construction information for regulated sites, and a range of information and sampling data for sites that impact groundwater or require cleanup to protect groundwater resources.

Groundwater Monitoring

The Groundwater Ambient Monitoring and Assessment (GAMA) Program conducts comprehensive monitoring of California’s groundwater quality, compiles and standardizes groundwater quality data across several different sources and regulatory programs, and makes that data readily accessible to the public. In addition, the GAMA Program conducts groundwater studies related to groundwater vulnerability, groundwater quality in domestic wells, and groundwater impacts associated with non-point sources of contamination.

Comprehensive Groundwater Monitoring
The primary objective of the GAMA Program is to assess statewide groundwater quality on a comprehensive basis and gain an understanding about contamination risk to groundwater resources. The GAMA Program meets this objective through collaboration with the United States Geological Survey, who provides the technical lead for the design and implementation of statewide monitoring and assessment of trends in groundwater quality. In addition, the GAMA Program contracts with national laboratories and Universities to conduct special studies related to groundwater vulnerability and threats from non-point sources.

Data Availability to the Public
The GAMA Program contracts with a specialized vendor to run a user interface that provides easy public access to the groundwater quality data compiled in the GAMA Program (the GAMA Groundwater Information System). GAMA Program staff work directly with the public and stakeholders to upload data, conduct searches of water quality data, and create online tools to facilitate access to the water quality data and scientific findings throughout the state.

Visit the GAMA Program Online Tools page for more information, and feel free to contact if you have any questions or require assistance.

Groundwater Related Facilities

Cleanup Sites By County (GeoTracker)
GeoTracker is a data management system for managing sites that impact groundwater, especially those that require groundwater cleanup (Underground Storage Tanks, Department of Defense, Site Cleanup Program) as well as permitted facilities such as operating USTs and land disposal sites. It includes portals to retrieve records and view integrated data sets from multiple State Water Board programs and other agencies through a Google maps GIS interface, and provides most of the public record for a site (including regulatory communication with responsible parties, regulatory actions such as records of decision documents, and all data and documents submitted by the responsible party) through its Document Manager Module.

For general assistance in searching or utilizing the GeoTracker database, please contact the GeoTracker Help Desk at or 866-480-1028.