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Public Water System Risk Assessment Results Map

SAFER Dashboard

This map illustrates the current Failing: Human Right to Water systems and the results of the Risk Assessment for California community water systems with up to 30,000 service connections or 100,000 population served and K-12 schools. The Risk Assessment is a component of the Drinking Water Needs Assessment. Users can search or filter this information by public water system ID, system name, county, regulating agency, system size, etc. The data used to identify At-Risk systems is available in the 2022 Risk Assessment Results Spreadsheet.

The list of failing systems is updated daily.

Engagement Units

SAFER Snapshot Tool

The Snapshot tool is a report dashboard showing a system engagement at the Division of Drinking Water and state funding from the Division of Financial Assistance for one water system at a time. Summary information includes: water system details, project types, support from SAFER engagement, and some state funding information information. The data is updated quarterly from several different databases and may be outdated by up to 3 months.

Aquifer Risk Map

Aquifer Risk Map

This Aquifer Risk Map is developed to fulfill requirements of SB-200 and is intended to help prioritize areas where domestic wells and state small water systems may be accessing groundwater that does not meet primary drinking water standards. In accordance with SB-200, the risk map is to be made available to the public and is to be updated annually starting January 1, 2021. The Fund Expenditure Plan states the risk map will be used by the Water Boards staff to help prioritize areas for available SAFER funding. This is the final 2021 map based upon feedback received from a draft map published in October 2020.

Water System Partnerships

Water System Partnership

This Water System Partnership Map can be used to explore completed consolidations and other water partnerships as tracked by the SAFER Engagement Units. The SAFER Engagement Units are a team of engineers and program specialists within the Division of Drinking Water. Their mission is to support water systems in achieving long-term sustainability. They organize water quality and quantity improvement projects for water systems currently on, or at-risk of being on the HR2W list. SAFER promotes community participation, facilitates funding discussions, coordinates water system Administrator appointments, and advances sustainable alternatives such as water partnerships.