California Integrated Water Quality System Project (CIWQS) PET Tool / CIWQS Data Format

PET Tool

  • Introduction
    The PET Tool is a Microsoft Excel file that allows you to configure your data into a format that CIWQS will understand and interpret correctly, which is the CIWQS Data Format, or CDF. You can open the PET Tool in Excel, configure it on the basis of your permit requirements, and then use the configured file as a template for entering monitoring data on a monthly basis.
    Important Note:
    The Tools require that macros be enabled.

    PET Tool diagram

    As demonstrated by the diagram above, work on the PET Tool happens outside of eSMR. When a file has been prepared for a report, use the button on the General Tab to automatically create a zip file. The zip file should then be uploaded to the EDF/CDF tab of an

  • Standard PET Tool version 4.1

    PET Tool v4.1 - Update is recommended. This template was released 7/2023.

    What is included in PET Tool Version 4.1:

    • CIWQS Data Format Installer is no longer required to create a zip file
    • New parameters
    • New methods

    To update your current template to the new version:

    1. Open the blank PET v4.1 by clicking on the link above
    2. Open your existing template and click on the Data Entry tab
    3. Copy your existing template by highlighting cell A2 through the last cell of your data set
    4. While holding down the Control key on your keyboard press the “C” key
    5. Click cell A2 of the blank PET v4.1 worksheet
    6. While holding down the Control key on your keyboard press the “V” key
    7. Click “ok” to the series of dialogue boxes that appear
    8. Save the updated template to your computer

    If you need assistance with updating your template please email us your existing template.

  • Specialized Templates
    • Priority Pollutant Template
    • PCB Template
    • CEDEN Compatible PET Tool - use this PET Tool to record fields required by CEDEN. By submitting surface water quality data consistent with CEDEN, and that includes the data elements required for assessment, the data can be assessed for the Integrated Report [303(d) List of Impaired Waters and 305(b) Condition Report]. In addition to the data, a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) must be submitted separately. For more information about the assessment process, the data elements required for assessment, and directions for QAPP submittal, see the Surface Water Quality Assessment website.

CIWQS Data Format (CDF)

If you are currently using a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to manage your lab data you may be able to set up your LIMS to export a file that CIWQS will understand and interpret correctly.

CDF setup guide

The values and codes contained in CIWQS as of the date noted are contained in the files below. These codes should be used in the CDF files.

Units (7/24/2023)

Analytical Method List (7/24/2023)

Calculation Methods (7/24/2023)

Parameter Reference List (7/24/2023)