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On August 26, 2015, State Water Board staff convened a small group of thought leaders in the water community to get preliminary input on the issues to be considered should the emergency conservation regulation be extended due to continuing drought conditions into 2016 as well as in the possible development of a long term conservation regulatory strategy for the State. Individuals representing a variety of water interests came together for an all-day dialogue and discussed a range of topics from managing system water loss to crediting early adopters of conservation practices and development of drought resilient alternative water supplies. Responding to Board Member input, the staff will focus its effort on the types of changes that should be considered to the emergency regulations now in place if it appears that drought conditions will continue into 2016 and the emergency regulations will need to be extended for another season. Below is a link to the list of August 26, 2015 meeting participants and notes. Please check back for information regarding next steps.

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